Wednesday, February 25, 2009


How hard can it be to surrender? Why do we resist so? In oh so many ways we hear the creator calling to us and yet we won’t turn to meet its gaze. Does the leaf cling to the tree in autumn? Do caterpillars refuse to enter the cocoon? The sun gives way to the night, and there is never a pause. Why do we struggle so when surrender would be the easier course? The mighty river is strongest when it is quiet, deep and gently flowing, always carving out its silent way.

I held a dying bird in my hand, it was oh so fragile and oh so soft. It lay there breathing, at first struggling and then resigned. It waited quietly and I held on fast, not wanting this little bird to die. I hoped against hope it would repair itself and suddenly fly away, but instead this tiny teacher of all things great, surrendered without a sound and was gone.

Oh, Divine spirit, I am here, help me open my heart, so I might be like the mighty river and this tiny bird. Open, naked and fluid. Flowing slowly, and deep. Crack open my heart and let me hear the truth. You are all I need. You are all. Help me to surrender, release and land in the beauty of love.

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