Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration Lost

My inspiration is speaking
Whispering in my ear.
Listen, I am drawing near.
Never quite in hand
Also just around the bend

Listen, can you hear?

No, I can’t, I am just
Not in touch. I am lost.
Caught in the turmoil of
My thoughts.
Never knowing where or how.

Help me hear. Help me feel.
Help me see.

I am lost, caught in the tangle
Of me. Take me to that empty place,
The place of endless dreams.
Pure potentiality. Nothingness

Pull the thread, start it at the end,
Let it unravel, spinning round and round.
Let it unravel and pull it all away.
Show me me. Show me how.
I am lost in the tangle of me.

Fading now, all thoughts go away.
I am lost completely but somehow I am found.
Take me home, hold me close.
This is how I thought it’d be.
Peace and nothingness yet oh so full.

~~~Susan Wexler

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