Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is a structure to the Universe; the path to enlightenment is laid out before you, and you must not deviate from it.

This was a dream I had two nights ago. It was a voice booming out at me, which woke me up. What does it mean? Honestly, I’m not too sure. I have always thought that there are many pathways to enlightenment; as many paths as there are sentient beings, so this statement on the surface really isn’t in keeping with my beliefs. On the surface, it would seem that there is one path and we should not allow ourselves to stray, but if you read it enough times, it is utterly in keeping with my original premise.

We are all on our own path to enlightenment. Some of us will get there quickly and without too much effort (I want to meet one of these folks!); others are on an arduous path with many twists and turns accompanied by much suffering. Most of us are just plodding along, one foot in front of the other. We are all going to get there, but it is just going to be a different path for all of us. We must follow our own path.

So, does this mean that we don’t need a guru, teacher or a saint to follow? I tend to agree with that, but also I feel that ideals give us something to strive for. Teachers can spark a thought or idea that will change your course a bit and help you not to deviate too much from your path. A guru can help you to discipline your mind and saints are ideals for us to emulate. However, we don’t need someone rapping our knuckles and berating us into following their proscribed methods of enlightenment. All we find with someone like this is more attachment.

We all have the knowledge within us to chart our course home. As we live our lives we wrap ourselves in a cocoon of ego and protection. It is the juicy environment that can help us to morph into something else, but most of us become trapped inside this vessel of our own making. We cannot break free from it. Fear is what holds us back. Fear of what the world would look like if we were not who we thought we were. We are content to stay inside this safe and known place, never venturing a peek beyond our own confines to see what lies outside.

Being trapped in this state is the deviation that that voice in my dream speaks of. We must continue to walk our walk, one foot in front of the other. One insight in front of the next; building upon your knowledge, grow and keep on walking.

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