Thursday, March 13, 2014


Seriously? I haven't written anything since 2011? Unbelievable!

Well, it has been an eventful two and half years. I left my job; got a new one, worked really hard, got laid off, am collecting unemployment, got turn down for a couple of other jobs. I worked really hard at my seminary as a volunteer, burned out, left pretty disheartened and grieved its lost, felt a large hole in my heart where my community should have been. My father died. I miss him, the ornery old coot. I am trying to close his estate out. My grandson was born, filled the hole in my heart and makes me laugh constantly. Now I am waiting for the next adventure, calling, career, thing to come into my way.

How that will look, I have no idea, but I am in pause mode. 

Being still has its advantages. Self-reflection is good. It can also be terribly boring, lonely; which I am quite often. I have rediscovered cooking and am getting fat (not good). But, I am enjoying cooking again. 

So all and all I am enjoying life. 

You are all caught up. That's all she wrote.