Sunday, January 11, 2009

So, I made my first post. I'm impressed. I thought blogging was for techno-type people. This is pretty cool. I wasn't happy how the "The Guest House" posted, but perhaps I'll figure that out at some later date.

This month at school we were given the assignment of writing a worship service. The subject of our service was completely up to us. There were no parameters given, the choice was ours. Well, I'm not a worship service type person. I meditate, I pray, I go for long walks in the woods, I don't, however, go to worship services. So, this was a difficult assignment for me. I struggled. I complained. I pulled my hair. I couldn't come up with a thing to worship. It is my belief that we are God; all of us is a manifestation of God. God in different forms, without separation. So, I feel that worship is a little silly, I am, in essence, worshipping myself and the inner journey entails a realization a lack of self. I'm not sure that is entirely clear in its import. So, I feel that to worship God is to worship myself and that is pointless and a little pretentious. So, I struggled.

Then it occured to me to refer back to my Personal Code of Ethics. This was an assignment from a coupe of months ago. One of my personal codes of ethics is gratitude. IN fact, I feel that gratitude is key to beginning the inner journey. When we wake up to the realization of how blessed we really are, no matter what our circumstances, a shift begins to happen. It's like a gate way to the soul cracks open and we can see a glimpse of the inner workings of the soul.

I looked at my personal code of ethics and I realized that gratitude was going to be the subject of my worship service. Once I had a topic, the rest began to flow. I think my service is good. It may not be fancy have a lot of smoke and mirrors and fancy stuff, but it is certainly an expression of who I am and a glimpse at my beliefs. So, I'm happy with it.

I opened my service with the Rumi poem, which is one of my favorites and it speaks directly to the heart of my views on life and how I am grateful for all of my experiences.

More later.

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