Monday, September 28, 2009

Blissed Out

Finding unconditional love starts with me. I am the one that allows this love to unfold. God is present and waiting for me to make this discovery: that unconditional love starts with me. It starts with me!

Wow, it is really simple.

I was at One Spirit this weekend. This was my first weekend of Spiritual Counseling and my first weekend as a Dean’s Assistant to the second year seminary. I was torn as to where I wanted to be. The second year seminary class won out. When I walked into that room, I knew I needed to be there. I felt such love, such acceptance and joy.

Then it hit me that was the energy that I was putting out and that was the energy that I received. I also noticed that some were not in the same bliss that I felt and that was because they had not quite allowed themselves to go there.

We are the arbiter of our own happiness and peace.

Someone this weekend said that we have our being and our spirit is guided by our being. Our spirit can be in joy or it can be trapped in misery, but our soul always dwells in God. Our soul dwells in God.

I felt so connected to everyone around me because I was allowing my spirit to dwell in the soul.

This weekend was also the start of my spiritual counseling training. I missed most of the weekend because of the conflict with the seminary. Hopefully, I will catch up, but missing it was worth it so that I could experience this bliss. I was whirling and swirling in love all weekend and the feeling is with me still this morning.

God is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Love is beautiful.

I am love. I am beautiful. I am God’s being. Amen.

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